13 December 2009

Basic Labrador Training Tips For New Owners

Though most of them are fluffy and cuddly like stuffed toys, dogs will not survive on hugs, kisses or cuddles alone. Owners and potential owners must know (yet others fail to realize) that having a dog is a serious committment. You do not bring home a labrador just to cuddle and play. You must be willing to provide care, grooming, labrador training and other things a labrador needs in order to grow healthy and happy.

Although the labrador is intelligent as a breed, labrador training can be a bit challenge to first time lab owners. But with proper training tips and advice, training a labrador may not be as difficult as what it seems to be.

Positive method. A labrador is a strong and large breed with generally good temperament. Unsurprisingly, positive training method works best for this breed. Using positive reinforcement such as praise and treats can be way effective than training based on punishment.

Start early. Although you can still teach old dogs with new tricks, it is always a great idea to start training your pup as soon as possible. Puppies at six to eight weeks of age can start learning commands however, socialization should start earlier.

Short and fun training sessions. Dogs, especially puppies have short attention span, thus it is always recommended to keep the training sessions short and interesting. Training should last around 15 minutes and must include challenging activities to keep his mind and body working. Reward him with praise or treat every time the session ends so that he will associate the training with something rewarding.

Communication. Training a dog is actually more on communication. In order to achieve positive result in training, one must be able to communicate well with the pet. Naturally, dogs do not talk the way humans did. They communicate through body signals and expressions - owners must try to understand that. A dog that is ill, confused, nervous or excited will not learn efficiently so watch out for signs.

No punishment required. While training a dog can be sometimes frustrating and giving punishment can be so tempting, punishing a dog is not really a desired and effective form of training method. In fact, it will do more harm than good so avoid it as much as possible.

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