05 May 2009

Who To Follow On Twitter

Twitter is one of the fastest growing services in the web and with celebrities joining in it is sure to take off. Most people who are new to the service has one major problem , That is deciding who to follow . Most of them join the service because some famous celebrity is already on Twitter but there are many ways you can use service. Deciding who to follow depends largely on what you are going to use the service for. If you are interested in getting news alerts then your better off following CNN or any other major news network. If you are interested in getting the latest activities of your favorite actor or actress then you can use the service to do that. You can even use it to stay in touch with your family, well you have to get your mom dad and wife to use it first.

Some people are using it as a medium to share things that are related to there day to day lives. For example if your a journalist then you can use Twitter to share an interesting article or a web page almost instantly via the service. The cool thing is because it limits your message to 140 characters you are automatically forced to be precise and concise with your messages. Advantage of this is if you are getting lots of tweets you can easily go through them without much of a hassle.

As you can see whom you follow on Twitter depends entirely on what is your purpose of using the service, Most marketers are using it because it gives them a tremendous advantage over other in doing sales and generating traffic to there website and sales pages. The thing to remember is if you are going to use it as a marketing tool be careful about spamming your feed with affiliate links.

Now that your started following people big question is how to grow your Twitter followers. Below article has some easy tips on how to grow Twitter followers http://rumblinglankan.com/how-to-grow-your-twitter-followers/ .

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