05 May 2009

Body Kits For Racing Cars

Body kits serve the dual purpose of enhancing the looks and improving the aerodynamics. For a street car the primary purpose tends to be the looks. Performance is secondary. Therefore the main consideration while choosing body kits are the looks and style, besides other considerations such as durability and cost.

However for a racing car performance cannot be compromised. And the racing car body kits should serve to improve the aerodynamics. One of the first considerations is that the body kit should be light weight. A heavy body kit will drag down the performance of the car.

For the aerodynamics enhancement it is important to consider body kits that have been tested to improve the aerodynamics. It should have smooth contours that allow the air to bend and pass through easily without creating a large drag force. However it is difficult to judge how aerodynamically efficient a body kit is just by looking at it.

For a high level racing car the design and testing of the car’s contours are a highly refined science and also a highly refined art. Aerodynamics involves some of the most complex engineering and testing requires expensive equipment like wind tunnels. Even a small change in a contour can have a large impact on the aerodynamic performance of the component. Therefore if you are looking for an aerodynamically tested component it is best to buy from a manufacturer that gives details of their aerodynamic testing.

Besides the standard front and rear bumpers there are other body kits components that you should consider. Spoilers for example will help make your car drive more stable in racing conditions.

Racing car body kits need professional installation. It is very important that the individual components are installed correctly and there is no danger of a component installation getting compromised during racing. Racing cars usually also have elaborate graphics. Therefore it would be a good idea to get the installation done at a body shop which would be able to do all the related work as well.

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